The National Board of Directors &
The National Executive Leadership of the
Sinoe County Association in the Americas, Inc.,
announce with profound regrets the transition from this lifeThe Late, Elijah Joborju Tarpeh
Third National President, SCAA, Inc
Sunrise: May 1, 1958
Sunset: August 13, 2017

This sad event occurred on Sunday, August 13th 2017 at the Jewish Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio United States of America. Sinoe County has lost a True Son, his family has lost a Devoted Family man, Innovative Education Liberia (IEL) has lost a die-hard Visionary; the SCAA has lost a Pillar of Strength and our Community have lost a remarkable person.

Funeral Arrangements are as Follow:
Saturday, August 26th, 2017
Allen Temple AME Church
7030 Reading Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45237
Viewing & Tributes: 11:00am —1:00pm
Service: 1:00pm — 3:00pm
Repass follows immediately after the Service

Due to the present Rainy Season resulting into bad roads,
the remains of the Deceased will be flown to Liberia in late
November for burial in his hometown, Solokon, Sinoe County.

    *** Official Colors for the Funeral is: Green & White (Sinoe Colors) ***

      May his soul and that of all the faithful departed, rest in God’s perpetual peace.

Madam, Marilyn Tiah-Morris
National President, SCAA, Inc.

…Press Release…

Pictorial from the SCAA Partner’s  IEL/Samuel Morris Scholars Program presentation to the Liberian Senate Plenary Session:


The SCAA and its partners, IEL/Samuel Morris Scholars Program Team seated in the chambers of the Liberian Senate,
Capitol Building,  Capitol Hill, Monrovia, Liberia:
Pictured left-right:  Dr. Randy Carmen, Elijah Tarpeh, Prof. Gary Friesen, Dr. Eric Keller, Dr. Charles Kirkpatrick, and Alex Quiah.

When the session opened shortly after 1:00, a Liberian Senator made a motion to move the IEL presentation to the top of the agenda! The motion carried, and within a few minutes we were down on the floor of the Liberian Senate  presenting our program to the chamber full of distinguished senators from the 15 counties in Liberia. The press was present and the gallery was full.  Mr. Elijah J. Tarpeh  (pictured below) introduced the Innovative Education Liberia (IEL) team, while Prof. Gary Friesen presented the Samuel Morris Scholars Program. You could have heard a pin drop when I was describing how young Sammy Morris had impacted his world back in the 1890s.  The presentation to the Liberian Senate was nearly an hour long.  During the Q&A time, there were good questions and favorable comments. One senator stood up and said, “We Liberians need to fund this!”

The  SCAA and its partners, IEL/Samuel Morris Scholars Program Team at a meeting with officials of the Ministry of Education to discuss program, funding, and overall support.  Seen here with Dr. Romelle Horton, Deputy Minister for Instruction, and her fine team. For an hour we discussed how IEL and the MOE could work together to obtain funding for the program.
We feel strong support, and anticipate good things to come.


There we go again!  The SCAA, and its partners, IEL/The Samuel Morris Scholars Program at CWA High School, Ashmun Street, Monrovia at the completion of the end-of-year NWEA MAP testing program.  During the end-of-year program evaluation, The SCAA and the Team increased  the set of testing laptops to 30, and the technology worked beautifully to ensure the success of the program.
Dr. Charles Kirkpatrick  (seen below) shared with passion a story from the Samuel Morris Life Lessons book.

image008 (1)

A high-energy awards ceremony honoring the students who made the largest gains in their MAP scores. Senior student, Erick Kiawen, was the grand champion and was awarded a tablet loaded with learning content!  T-shirts, Morris biographies, pens, and certificates were given out. Every student walked away with something.  Below are members of the Team along with the Champion.

image011 (1)

The SCAA\IEL just purchased a new Toyota Land Cruiser to be used by the SCAA/IEL/Samuel Morris Scholars Program team. We’re hoping this means no more breakdowns to and from Greenville on these mission trips.

image012 (1)

God is with us, and your prayers are being heard!

Overview Report of Senator Taylor’s Visit to IEL Labs April 2, 2016

In a colorful style, Senator Chief Jewel Howard Taylor entered the City of Greenville with a warmed greetings from a cross-section of citizens and elders of Sinoe County. After that, an acquaintance meeting was called between Senator Taylor, the Chief Education Officer of Sinoe County Honorable Malayee S. Cheyard and IEL representative Alexander Quiah. Though brief we agreed to make a 5-school tour among schools participating in the Samuel Morris Scholars Program notably St. Paul Episcopal Parish High, St. Joseph Catholic High School, Harrison W. Grigsby United
Methodist High School, Sinoe Multilateral High School and GVL Butaw Elementary School. This meeting was coordinated by Mr. Titus Failey, Senator Taylor’s Chief of Office Staff to be enforce Saturday April 2, 2016 between 8:30 A.M – 1:30 P.M.

1-3 1-2 1-1According to plan, the CEO arrived 30 minutes earlier and formed the tour delegates. In a proud and humble spirit the administration of St Paul were in full attendance to receive the Senator. Upon arrival at St. Paul’s lab IEL Lead Technology Instructor Alexander Quiah introduced the entire school staff, provided a detailed overview of the Samuel Morris Scholars Program and accorded Senator Taylor an opportunity to explain the purpose of her visit to Sinoe.  CEO Hon Cheyard confirms “that students using KA-Lite learn extra tips to others that depend mainly on traditional teaching method.” The Senator in her presentation emphasized that Sinoe has received a great learning tool that once put to use across Liberia, could built the capacity of many Liberian youth and subsequently produced independent scholars.

2-12-2 2-3






After about 25 minutes stay at St. Paul, the entire delegation led by Hon. Cheyard drove at the St. Joseph Catholic High School where Senator Taylor received a remarkable greetings from the school leadership headed by Rev. Father Joseph Tugbe priest of the St. Joseph Parish Greenville, Sinoe County.

 3-1 3-2As a drill of activities, Alexander Quiah provided a brief overview of the program with in-depth explanation on the importance of each component seen at  the lab. Senator Taylor with so much excitement took the stand and appreciates the induction of the Samuel Morris Scholars Program that is being supported by IEL. “I will do all I can to have President Sirleaf informed of such program and the need for GOL to provide some funding so that others can equally benefit like you guys in Sinoe” Senator Taylor remarked.

4-1 4-2 4-3

From St. Joseph we made another trip to the Harrison W. Grigsby United Methodist High School where the lab had equal ratio of boys to girls. As usual, a quick explanation was provided on the usefulness of SMSP at the school and how meaningful it has become to girls education. The Senator in a test to this presentation turned her visit into a student mood where she  assumed being a student wanting instructions from a teacher (in this case a female student).

4-5 4-64-4 In conclusion she thanked IEL for the project and also extended words of appreciation to the administrators of the
HWG United Methodist High School for consciously applying whatsoever they been taught and ensuring that students are gaining high confidence.


 Finally Sinoe Multilateral became our last stop in Greenville. At the lab the Senator Taylor was privileged to listen to the overall purpose of the Samuel Morris Scholars Program in Sinoe County and Liberia at large. Special emphasis was made on quantity of laptops and equipment as well as quality training provided each school and their respective teachers and administrators. Senator Taylor in her most suitable style of respond states “this is sustainable and empowering for a teacher to win command of technology and at the same pass on instructions to students!” “I had never seen nor heard of any of such innovation until I coincidentally met Elijah, Gary, and Eric in Monrovia” she concluded.

5-4 5-55-6Words cannot state the level of support provided by the CEO Hon. Cheyard. His presentation came as firsthand evidence to the entire process.  It provided in-depth relevance of KA-Lite Computer and Mathematics training to 21st century Liberian students.

6-2 6-37-1Following the Senator’s visit at Sinoe Multilateral High School the team urgently commenced journey to Butaw where she had an initial appointment. Meanwhile the Senator was opened to request a formal meeting with the Executive Project Director Elijah J. Tarpeh in order to have on record IEL actual projection for more schools to benefit of such initiative. “If you need to covered 700 schools and 9 tertiary institutions including TTIs then there must be some funding! She exclaimed. “Additionally I really need such project in my county Bong”, Senator Taylor appeals.

However she added the GVL Butaw Elementary School to her list of itinerary of making a comparative analysis with schools at 3-levels Elementary, Junior and Senior High. While the team journeyed for Butaw, a quick discussion was held with the CEO at his office concerning the arrival and storage of the Morris’ sculpture which was endorsed. I then made a roundtrip back to previous labs in order to motivate each student, have principals signed Eric’s survey forms and finally stopped at the Samuel Morris Resource Center in Farmersville to see level of work done and gathered activity picture.

8-2     8-1      
8-3Coverage of entire activity was done by IEL interns G. Baccus Pantoe and Shadrick Geelar along with Liberia Broadcasting Station (LBS), Public Affairs of the House of Legislature of the Liberian Senate, Voice of Sinoe, Liberty Broadcasting Services and New Daily Print Media. To God be the Glory for great things He has done and greater things He’s about to accomplished.




 SCAA and Taylor University Take
Samuel Morris Back Home

A 350-pound sculpture of Samuel “Prince Kaboo” Morris has been transported from the United States by one of the partners of the Sinoe County Association in the Americas, Inc.,  Taylor University. The sculpture has now arrived in Monrovia, Liberia and will later be transported to Farmersville, Sinoe County, where it will be installed on the grounds of the Samuel Morris Educational Resource Center, thereby signifying the “physical presence” of a young Sinoean whose dream was to positively impact the lives of his fellow countrymen.

The SCAA and its Partner, Taylor University, have embarked on the construction project of a Multipurpose Resource Center in Farmersville Sinoe County, Liberia in memory of a prominent son of Sinoe County, Samuel “Kaboo” Morris, who came from a very humble background in Sinoe County, Liberia, but changed the history of an American University, Taylor University, in Upland, Indiana during the few years of his educational sojourn at Taylor University prior to his demise.

Samuel “Kaboo” Morris was a young African prince from the Kru tribe who came to America in 1891 and enrolled at Taylor University, which was then located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. His simple faith and passion for Christ brought revival to Taylor University at a time when the institution was at the verge of bankruptcy. Though Morris died of respiratory illness during his second semester at Taylor University, his18-month stay on campus greatly impacted and saved this American University from financial collapse. Morris’ dream was to return to his homeland and be a positive change agent in transforming people’s lives.

The young Sinoean’s dream of going back to his homeland was never achieved. That is why in 2004 the Sinoe County Association in the Americas (SCAA) and its partner Taylor University (currently located in Upland, Indiana), embarked on a joint initiative to ‘take Samuel Morris back to his hometown’ in the form of a learning center to be named in his memory.

In 2006 the Sinoe County Association in the Americas (SCAA) purchased a 30.83 acre site in Farmersville, Sinoe County for the construction of a US$4000,000.00 resource and learning center to be named “the Samuel Morris Educational Resource and Conference Center.” The Morris Center, as it is called for short, will comprise an auditorium, museum, library, conference rooms, computer lab, media center, offices, kitchen and dining facilities, residential unit/guest lodging, with Wi-Fi access.

The first phase of the Project, (Residential Unit) is nearing completion and fundraising initiatives for the other phases have already begun. In May 2016, a 55-persons delegation, which will include leaders of the SCAA and high-profile individuals from SCAA’s partners (Taylor University and Ambassador Enterprises), is expected to travel from the United States for the official dedicatory ceremonies of phase one – Samuel Morris Educational Resource Center Residential Units.

The National President of the MarilynSinoe County Association in the Americas (SCAA), Mrs. Marilyn Tiah-Morris, will lead a 10-member SCAA delegation, while Dr. Eugene Habecker, President of Taylor University, will be accompanied by administrators and faculty members of Taylor University to the official dedicatory ceremonies that will be on May 26, 2016 in Farmersville, Sinoe County.

Similarly, Dr. Randy Carmen, Vice President at Ambassadors Enterprises, another SCAA’s Partner, will lead of delegation from Ambassador Enterprises and its subsidiaries, Innovative Education International and Innovative Education Liberia, while students from Taylor University and an engineering team from Northwest Nazarene University in Chicago, Illinois are also expected to be in attendance at the ceremonies.

Following the dedication of the twelve-bedroom air-conditioned Residential Unit, the construction work on Phase two of the project (auditorium, museum, library, conference rooms, computer lab, kitchen and dining facilities, residential unit/guest lodging, with Wi-Fi access.

The second phase of the Project – the Conference center – (library, conference rooms, computer library, museum, etc.) will commence and the full completion of these other facilities are expected to be done by 2018.  While in Liberia, the SCAA and its Partners (TU, AE, and IEL) are also expected to carry on a number of other activities, including a special programme celebrating the first year completion of the Samuel Morris Scholars’ Program with schools in Sinoe County, a clean-up campaign in the City of Greenville, and the holding of consultations with appropriate stakeholders as well as with local and county authorities.

Sammy GraveThe physical presence of the sculpture of Samuel Morris on the grounds of a learning and resource center in Farmersville, Sinoe County is a testament to the reality that an unfilled dream of one person can be carried on by others.

The SCAA and Taylor University are continuously involved in joint initiatives that will keep alive the legacy of our Liberian hero, who was passionate about his faith and the message of peace and love for all.

What a joy that Samuel “Kaboo” Morris’ dream of going back to his homeland has now being achieved! What a joy that Prince Kaboo, a son of Sinoe County who was a former student of Taylor University in the late 1890s, is now back home as a resident of Farmersville!