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                                                                            TAYLOR UNIVERSITY

                                                                                         AND THE

                                          SINOE COUNTY ASSOCIATION IN THE AMERICAS, INC.  (SCAA)

                                                                  Programs and Purposes Envisioned For the
                                    Samuel Kaboo Morris Educational Resource and Conference Center

Whereas:  a Memorandum of Understanding, committing both of these institutions to exploring “modalities and resources for the implementation of projects in Sinoe County, Republic of Liberia, West Africa, with the overall goal to perpetuate the Samuel Morris legacy by providing humanitarian services and catering to the needs of the underprivileged consistent with the vision of Samuel Morris,” was signed by representatives of both parties on July 8th, 2006;

Whereas:  the Samuel Morris Legacy Foundation, a non-governmental organization has been officially registered in the Republic of Liberia for the purpose of overseeing the joint projects of the SCAA and Taylor University;

Whereas:  this afore-mentioned Foundation has obtained a 30.83 acre parcel of land in Farmersville Township, Greenville, Sinoe County, as well as the official deed to said property signed by Her Excellency, Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President of Liberia;

Whereas:  a team of representatives from the SCAA and Taylor University traveled to Sinoe County in March and April, 2010, to conduct a feasibility study of the possibility of building an educational resource center in memory of Samuel Morris;

Whereas:  the findings of this feasibility study showed the critical need in Sinoe County for such an educational resource center to address the educational and spiritual needs of children and young people of the region;

Whereas:  consultations that the delegation held with officials in the central government of Liberia and community leaders in Sinoe County showed that such a project would be warmly welcomed;

Whereas: another team of representatives from the SCAA and Taylor University returned to Sinoe County in March of 2013 and broke ground for the construction of the first of two buildings to be part of that memorial, known officially as the “Samuel Kaboo Morris Educational Resource and Conference Center”;

Whereas: consultations by the delegation with architects in Liberia offer  conclusions that such a center, including a 10,000 square-foot main building  and an adjoining 10 bedroom unit for the housing of conferees and visitors, could both be built at a cost of $250,000.00 (two hundred fifty thousand dollars), with an additional $140,000.00 (one hundred forty thousand dollars) for the building of a perimeter wall, infrastructure and loose equipment;

Whereas:  both the SCAA and Taylor University have agreed to seek funding for this project from their constituents for this total cost of $390,000 (three hundred ninety thousand dollars) with one third of the total the responsibility of the SCAA and the remaining two-thirds the responsibility of Taylor University;

Whereas:  representatives of the SCAA foresee this project as meeting its goals of “giving back to Sinoe County” by

  • making it possible for every child in Sinoe County to hear the story of Samuel Morris and to be inspired by him as a spiritual and educational role model
  • introducing the computer-mediated curriculum of the Khan Academy as a means of enhancing the learning that children and young people in Sinoe receive in their local schools
  • providing these students with resources that strengthen their appreciation of their history and culture
  • providing SCAA professionals living in the U.S. a chance to return to Sinoe County for short and long-term engagements that will allow them to apply their skills in fulfilling the purposes of the center; and

Whereas:  members of the Taylor University community foresee this project as meeting its institutional goals by

  • placing the institution at the forefront of educational innovation through the integration of the Khan Academy learning materials and low-cost laptop computers
  • seeing the Morris Center become a destination for Lighthouse and Spencer Center teams to fulfill their ministry and educational goals in Samuel Morris’ homeland
  • offering academic departments at the university both learning and teaching opportunities in disciplines such as education, environmental science, medicine, the social sciences and evangelism.


Be it resolved that Taylor University and the SCAA hereby covenant to:
Continue to support each other by our prayers and gifts of mind, body and wealth;

  • Educate men and women, boys and girls of both nations about the Christian faith, ethnic groups, customs, social issues, geography, politics, races and other aspects of both countries and continents;
  • Seek the necessary funding from their related constituents to build the Samuel Morris Resource Center in Samuel Morris’ native land, Sinoe County, Republic of Liberia;
  • Plan in cooperation with each other and with Christian leaders in Sinoe County, the programs of the Morris Center;
  • Cooperate in staffing the Center in an appropriate manner that allows for the fulfillment of the above-stated goals for the Center.

Working Understandings:
Both parties agree to continue to observe the Working Understandings outlined in the original MOU signed on July 8th, 2006, and agree that this document be an addendum to that original MOU and the Working Document for the on-going collaborative relationship between the SCAA and Taylor University.


For Taylor University:
Dr. Eugene Habecker

President, Taylor University/Assignee

For the Sinoe County Association in the Americas, Inc.:
Mr. Samuel Togba Slewion

National President, SCAA, Inc./Assignee